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Current Students

Student activities

The students in the Faculty of Law continues to amaze us. Our students are involved in a number of exciting activities, many of them including a strong social responsibility element. On Saturdays, our students are teaching in a school in Langa and they are not teaching law, but everything from Geography and History to Mathematics and Science. At the end of it, they will assist students to fill out university application forms (and we hope that means UCT and an LLB).

The LSC has introduced a revised mentoring scheme and all first years are now mentored by senior LLB students. Previously, Faculty staff served as the mentors but research shows that people are more likely to open up to others closer in age and experience to them, and the students have taken up the challenge. Staff will continue to act as back-up to the student mentors. Legal Aid has three times the number of students it has had in the last few years, and as a result we are able to offer a service to six satellite clinics on the Peninsula.

The new crop of ten teaching & research assistants is all homegrown, while the new lecturers are drawn from Stellenbosch, Zimbabwe and UCT. The variety and depth of research projects and interests which have been reported on at the departmental meetings is staggering. Prof. J Burchell and Prof. D Visser have both had books launched this year and PJ Schwikkard has earned a place on the NRF's rated researchers' list.