SHAWCO Law (LAWCO) is a subset of SHAWCO education, led by UCT law students, whereby the students have the opportunity to teach and mentor Grade 8 & 9 learners from SHAWCO-served community high schools on topics of law and broader socio-economic matters. A predetermined curriculum is taught each week with an emphasis on student participation and engagement.

SHAWCO Law is committed to four schools situated in Khayelitsha, Manenberg, Nyanga, and Kensington. The society aspires to empower our participants by endeavouring to make the law more accessible by focusing on the various rights enshrined and protected in the Constitution and how they practically apply.

As much as the programme is geared towards legal education, SHAWCO Law is founded on forming relationships with the participants beyond the teaching structure, and facilitating learning beyond the curriculum. Additionally, the program provides tools for learners to direct their concerns through proper channels whereby their issues can be resolved. Volunteers are at no point allowed to provide legal advice and hours may count towards the community service programme (DOL3001X) and UCT Plus awards.

SHAWCO Law consists of an all-women executive committee:

  1. Nosihle Mngqibisa (Director)
  2. Amber Mae Ebden (Admin and Logistics)
  3. Ntokozo Mayekiso (Participant Relations Coordinator)
  4. Dambisa Ghu and Tyler Idas (Curriculum and Evaluations Coordinators)
  5. Eden Howard and Yalenga Chirambo (Events and Marketing Coordinators) 
  6. Caitlin Sasman (Volunteer Relations Coordinator)

To find out more about the programme you can contact the committee at You can follow us on our social media platforms on: 

LinkedIn: SHAWCO Law (LAWCO)  

Instagram: @shawco_law

Twitter: @SHAWCO_Law 

Facebook: SHAWCO Law (LAWCO)