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Law Student Projects

Student projects at Kramer Law

Kramer Law students do more than study Law. UCT's law students are active and committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise with schools off-campus in a range of non-profit initiatives.  Two of these projects are highlighted here.

The Human Upliftment Project

The Human Upliftment Project, a nonprofit human rights organisation founded by students from the University of Cape Town, has partnered with CASAC on a new human rights education and Constitutional literacy programme for high school pupils.  Read more below.

The Chamber of Legal Students

While the project provides support to high school learners, it also provides an important opportunity for law students to engage in the practical work of a clinic-type advisory service. Read more at this link.


The Human Upliftment Project - Overview

The programme started in March 2018 at Beacon Hill Secondary School in Mitchell's Plain and Thandokhulu High School in Mowbray. The Social Justice Education Programme is a student initiative focused on decolonising the UCT Law curriculum and its main objective is to ensure that the first legal system South African pupils are introduced to is the oldest of its land. 

The project is based on African Customary Law and the effects of colonialism on this legal system.

To find out more about the project, and to get involved, you can contact the organisers on info@humanupliftment.co.za. You can also check them out on facebook at https://m.facebook.com/humanupsa/, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @humanupsa