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Programmes Offered

The programmes offered in the Law Faculty are as followProspective studentss:

  • Basic Legal Education Programme (leading to the LLB degree);

  • Advanced Legal Education Programme through the School for Advanced Legal Studies (leading to the LLM degree or a Postgraduate Diploma in Law).

    This programme provides an opportunity for Law graduates to pursue their academic interests at a higher postgraduate level (towards an LL.M or Postgraduate Diploma), or for any other suitably qualified graduate to gain high-level knowledge of a particular field of law (through the M.Phil degree) by way of coursework (in a very wide range of subjects) and an associated dissertation.

  • In addition, the Faculty offers research degrees through its Master of Laws, Master of Philosophy by dissertation, Doctor of Philosophy by dissertation, and Doctor of Laws by dissertation or by published work. Rules for research degrees are available in the Faculty Handbook.

Additional information about Undergraduate study and Postgraduate study, including electronic application forms, is available on the main UCT website under the relevant menu heading.

Students who do NOT have South African citizenship or permanent residence are advised to read the information for International Students, especially that relating to Study Permits - BEFORE applying to study at the University of Cape Town.

Timetables for the various levels of LLB are available from the Faculty Office on level 4 of the Kramer Building, and on all the Faculty notice boards.

Practical Legal Education Programme (leading to a Certificate in Legal Practice).

The School for Legal Practice, established in 1992, is a project of the Law Society of South Africa (no longer part of UCT Law). The object of the School is to provide Law graduates with applied skills in legal practice, thereby also improving access to the legal profession. Two intensive full-time programmes are offered each year. The first commences in mid-January and runs to the end of June. The second runs from early July to early December. A Night School is also offered, which runs from late January to the end of November. For more information please contact the Director or telephone 021 650 3762.