Law Faculty - Scholarship and funding opportunities

22 May 2018 - 10:30

The Faculty holds a number of named and other scholarships in support of student fees. In particular, the Faculty offers scholarships to support black South African undergraduate students who would not otherwise be able to fund their studies. These scholarships vary in name, amount, application process, and renewability.  The links below will assist you in determining whether you are eligible to apply for an undergraduate or postgraduate Law Scholarship.  Applications are competitive and decisions are made primarily on academic achievement.



The Linklaters African International Scholarship - for UCT Law students from elsewhere on the continent! This is a brand new scholarship from Linklaters, and this is the first call for applications.  Both final year LLB and LLM students are eligible to apply for this 2019 funding. The application form is available for download and must be submitted to CLOSING DATE: Weds 26th June 2019. No late applications will be considered.

NEW SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY: CLOSING DATE 15 August each year | Legal Practitioners Fidelity Fund Bursaries are now taking applications.  All of the information on eligibility and "how to" is available in the Bursary Flyer.

[CLOSED] SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY: CLOSING DATE 26th FEBRUARY 2019 - Herold Gie Diversity Scholarship - application form available here

[CLOSED] SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY: CLOSING DATE 1st MARCH 2019 - Chair in Intellectual Property Innovation & Development LLB studentships - application form available here

Undergraduate students applying for Law Faculty scholarships must first ensure that they have applied for funding through UCT's Student Financial Aid office. 

The reason for this is that most of our scholarships are awarded firstly on academic merit, and secondly on the basis of the need for financial support for fees.  Working through the Student Financial Aid office ensures that the Faculty is accurately able to determine an applicant's financial status. This greatly assists the Faculty in identifying candidates for consideration who meet all the criteria.

The scholarships listed below can be applied for by end January 2019 for the 2019 academic year, by emailing Gaby Ritchie at the Law Faculty. All applications must include an official transcript or matric certificate:

  1. The Excellence in Law Scholarship
  2. The Abe Swersky Scholarship (for Law students going into 2nd year)

The Attorneys Fidelity Fund (AFF) also offers bursaries to students either entering the graduate LLB programme, with a Law undergraduate degree, or students going into their third year of a 4-year LLB. This bursary is available for a maximum of two years.  To apply, call the AFF directly on 021 424 4608 or email them for more information.  THE CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS FOR AFF BURSARIES IS 15 AUGUST EACH YEAR.



New Opportunity for 2020:

The Harry Crossley Foundation Research Fellowship 2020 - Applications close 20 September 2019!



The Linklaters African International Scholarship - for UCT Law students from elsewhere on the continent! This is a brand new scholarship from Linklaters, and this is the first call for applications.  Both final year LLB and LLM students are eligible to apply for this 2019 funding. The application form is available for download and must be submitted to CLOSING DATE: Weds 26th June 2019. No late applications will be considered.

The Mastercard Foundation - Scholarship opportunities for 2020 - 13 Hons Scholarships and 72 Masters Scholarships will be awarded.  Closing date 30 June 2019!  See below for details and application forms - but also check for further information on how to apply etc.

Application form 1

Application Information

Scholarship Opportunity at University of Aberdeen: please see this link to details of the David Carey Miller Scholarship, which covers overseas tuition fees to support one postgraduate student from Sub-Saharan Africa through a one-year full-time on-campus Taught Master of Laws degree programme (LLM) at the University of Aberdeen, starting in September 2019. The scholarship also offers limited travel costs.

POSTGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY: Closing date 1st March 2019 - Chair in Intellectual Property Innovation & Development - opportunity for PhD and LLM students.  Application details available here.

See for latest details of application forms and processes for 2019 applications. 


International/ Refugee Scholarships for Postgraduate Full-Time Students (FORM 10C)

Closing date: 31 July 2019 preceding the year of study

Intended for full-time Honours, Masters and Doctoral International students and Refugees who are applying for the first time to study at UCT in 2020 (New Applicants) as well as students already registered at UCT and are continuing their studies in 2020 (Returning Students).

The application is attached and can also be found on the electronic noticeboard.

For enquiries please email: or telephone 021 650 1917/ 2141/ 3629






The intention of these awards is to provide opportunities for young researchers who are registered at UCT for Doctoral or Master’s study (Master’s students must be registered for a degree that has a research component of 50% or more).  The Travel Grants are available via competitive application, towards the costs of travel, conference registration and subsistence.  In principle, support for Master’s students is for local travel.  However, a Master’s student who is allocated a travel grant may use the full value of the grant towards the cost of international travel.



  • Master’s students in the FIRST year of study, who intend to submit early in the 2nd year, can apply in the 2nd semester of the 1st year if they can provide strong motivation and on receipt of evidence that they will submit before the first semester of the next year.
  • Master’s students in the 1st year of study can apply in their 1st year to travel to a conference in the SECOND year of study. 
  • Master’s students in the SECOND year of study.
  • Doctoral students who will attend a conference in the SECOND or THIRD YEARS of study. Doctoral students who successfully apply in the THIRD year of study may use their grants in the 4th year of study on condition that they are registered at the time of the conference.
  • Doctoral students who are registered for the 4th year of study at the time of application are ineligible.
  • Successful applicants must be registered students of the University of Cape Town for the full duration of their conference stay.
  • Students who have UPGRADED from Master’s to Doctoral study are eligible in the FIRST AND SECOND years of registration as a Doctoral student only.   Evidence of the Upgrade must be provided.
  • It must be noted that the Postgraduate Studies Funding Committee reserves the right to give preference to applicants who have not attended an international conference in the last 3 years.



  • Applications from students registered for the Honours degree will not be accepted.
  • Applications from students who are registered for a Master’s degree that contains less than a 50% research component will not be accepted.
  • The following SADC countries are not considered to be “international”, and the local value (R8,000 maximum) will apply: Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Closing dates for application – There are two rounds of application.  The closing date is the 21 February 2019.  Students who travel between April and October 2019, must submit by the 21st February 2019 and students who travel between November 2019 and April 2020, must submit by the 23 August 2019.

 Values: For Master’s students – Up to a maximum of R8 000

                For Doctoral Students – Up to a maximum of R20,000 (max of R8 000 for local/SADC conferences)



  1. Individuals who are employed for more than 20 hours per week are INELIGIBLE to apply for these Grants.
  2. Individuals who are employed at UCT on T1, T2 contracts and permanent staff are ineligible to apply for the grants.
  3. Applicants who are offered awards must take up the offer whilst registered at UCT and must be registered for the full duration of their conference stay.  Students who are no longer registered at the time of proposed travel will be INELIGIBLE to claim the Grant
  4. Applications from students who are registered for the 3rd year of Master’s and 4th year of Doctoral study will not be considered.
  5. Doctoral students can apply for ONE local and ONE international conference and can do so once per degree.
  6. No applications will be accepted for research visits or for participation in academic programmes in other countries. Students wishing to apply for support towards the cost of international research visits are referred to the UCT Scholarships for International Travel. Details:  
  7. The Grants are not full-cost and will only be awarded on proof that sufficient alternative funding has been secured. Applicants are required to provide documentary evidence of support from their supervisor(s) and of applications to alternative sources for funds towards the costs of attendance at the conference.  Awards that are offered to students who have not sourced the balance of funds required and stated in the budget, will be withdrawn.
  8. An abstract of the paper/poster to be presented at the conference must be attached to the Application.  This document must not exceed ONE A4 page in total.
  9. Proof must be shown that the paper has been accepted by the Conference Organisers.  Please attach documentary proof of acceptance if possible.  If acceptance has not been received by the Closing Date, the application may still be submitted, and proof of acceptance sent in later.  If a travel grant is offered to a student who has not provided proof of acceptance, payment of the grant will not be made until proof of acceptance is submitted.
  10. Cost for accommodation, subsistence and travel will only be considered for ONE DAY BEFORE and for ONE DAY AFTER the official dates of the conference.
  11. A full budget must be compiled in the space provided - see No. 5 of the Application Form. Quotations(screenshots) supporting costs must be attached to the application.
  12. A copy of the applicant’s academic transcript(s) must be attached. 
  13. A CV of no longer than ONE A4 page must be attached.
  14. Written motivation for attendance at the conference from the applicant’s supervisor and Head of Department must be attached.  Please note that a signature on the Application Form does not constitute motivation.  If the required motivation is not submitted, the application will be disqualified.
  15. Incomplete and/or late applications or applications from ineligible students will not be considered.
  16. Retrospective applications will NOT be considered.  It is important to note that Conferences that take place before the closing date will be considered as RETROSPECTIVE.


It is compulsory for successful candidates to submit a brief report on their return with specific details on any publications that may result from the conference.  Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the award made and recovery of the funds paid out.

Enquiries:  Erica Van Wyk-Mias or Nuraan Kafaar – Telephone: 021 650 3622

Submit application form and documentation as one pdf via email to:

The application form is attached and can also be found at




2020 Master’s And Doctoral Degrees - Application For UCT Financial Support For South African And Permanent Resident Students Registering In 2020 (Via Postgraduate Funding Form 10a) [Funding your Postgrad]

Students who intend registering toward a Master’s or Doctoral qualification at UCT may be eligible to apply for financial support. Such support, depending on eligibility and selection criteria, includes either financial need and/or merit bursaries.

In line with the UCT transformation agenda, in allocating funding for these awards, priority will be given to funding Black South African and permanent resident applicants who qualify for financial need. In the current context “Black” includes African, Coloured and Indian students. “Financial need” refers to students who qualify via the National Means Test for either Financial Aid (where gross annual family income <R350 000) or GAP tuition bursaries (where annual gross family income is between R350 000 and R600 000).

Students applying for either financial need and/or merit awards may do so via the Postgraduate funding form 10A using the following url:

It is critical for prospective students to also source other awards for which they may be eligible, such as from the National Research Foundation (NRF), the department/Research group where the student will be registered, as well as through other external sources such as private/external donors. For details of all awards administered via the Postgraduate Funding Office, see

General Eligibility

  • Applicants must be South African or permanent residents.
  • Applicants must apply for a full-time Master's or Doctoral program in the relevant department/faculty

(i.e. Only applicants who have applied for an academic place via the UCT’s Admissions Office will be considered for funding).

  • All Master's and Doctoral applicants who apply for financial need or merit awards are required to have applied for an NRF bursary, if they are eligible for NRF funding.
  • Priority will be given to students who have a minimum grade point average (GPA) score of 60% for their Honours degree.
  • Students will not be eligible for funding support if they are employed in excess of 20 hours per week during the year of study. (Note – if you are to hold NRF funding concurrently with UCT funding, the NRF requirement is for not more than 12 hours of work per week during the year of study).

Conditions of Financial need or Merit award

  • Eligible applicants are funded for two years for the Master’s degree (first and second year only) or three years for the Doctoral degree (first, second and third year only), and must be full-time students.
  • Professional or full coursework Master’s degrees, including MBA’s and MMED’s, are ineligible for funding.

Financial need eligibility criteria

  • Information provided on form 10A will be used to determine an applicant’s financial need (the “assessed need”) by applying the National Means Test (NMT) used by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) and the criteria used by UCT to determine eligibility.
  • Applicants will be defined as either
    • financial aid eligible, where gross annual family income is between <R350 000, or;
    • eligible for GAP tuition bursary where family income is between R350 000 and R600 000, or;
    • not eligible for needs-based financial support, but may be considered for a merit bursary.

Value of Financial need awards

  • The value of the financial need bursary will be calculated on “assessed need” for the full cost of attendance (FCOA) in 2020 and will take into consideration other scholarships awarded to students.
  • Depending on budget availability, students who are eligible for financial aid may be funded for their FCOA or “assessed need”, which is the approved cost of study (including tuition, and applicable accommodation and food allowances.
  • Students who do not meet the UCT financial aid need based criteria but meet the criteria for a GAP tuition bursary according to family income, will be eligible for a percentage of their approved course tuition fees.

Value of Merit awards

  • Merit awards normally cover your tuition fees in part only. Merit awards are approximately R30,000 per annum.

Application instructions

  • Applicants are required to download and complete the form 10A from:  
  • Applicants who apply for financial need must complete the application checklist and provide all supporting documentation for assessment.
  • Students who have previously been supported by NSFAS/UCT as undergraduates or full Financial Aid at Honours, still need to complete form 10A to apply for funding for their Master’s or Doctoral degree.
  • Original copies of applications and all supporting documentation must be submitted to Ms Celeste Jansen, Mrs Shanaaz Kalam or Mr Carl Millward, Postgraduate Centre & Funding Office, UCT,
    by 31 October 2019.

Enquiries: 021 650 2141/1917. Email enquiries:

The University reserves the right to cancel, withdraw and recover any funds paid to the award-holder if she/he does not comply with the Conditions of Award.


Rhodes Trust Scholarship Information Session - POSTGRAD FUNDING

Dear Students

Please find below the details of the RHODES SCHOLARSHIP information session for students who are interested in obtaining valuable information on how to apply for this very prestigious Scholarship.

 DATE:                 30 JULY 2019, TUESDAY

TIME:                  13:00 – 14:00


                           KRAMER BUILDING

                           MIDDLE CAMPUS

There will be a question and answer session after the presentation