Law Faculty - Scholarship and funding opportunities

22 May 2018 - 10:30

The Faculty holds a number of named and other scholarships in support of student fees. In particular, the Faculty offers scholarships to support black South African undergraduate students who would not otherwise be able to fund their studies. These scholarships vary in name, amount, application process, and renewability.  The links below will assist you in determining whether you are eligible to apply for an undergraduate or postgraduate Law Scholarship.  Applications are competitive and decisions are made primarily on academic achievement.


NEW SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY: CLOSING DATE 26th FEBRUARY 2019 - Herold Gie Diversity Scholarship - application form available here

NEW SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY: CLOSING DATE 1st MARCH 2019 - Chair in Intellectual Property Innovation & Development LLB studentships - application form available here

Undergraduate students applying for Law Faculty scholarships must first ensure that they have applied for funding through UCT's Student Financial Aid office. 

The reason for this is that most of our scholarships are awarded firstly on academic merit, and secondly on the basis of the need for financial support for fees.  Working through the Student Financial Aid office ensures that the Faculty is accurately able to determine an applicant's financial status. This greatly assists the Faculty in identifying candidates for consideration who meet all the criteria.

The scholarships listed below can be applied for by end January 2019 for the 2019 academic year, by emailing Gaby Ritchie at the Law Faculty. All applications must include an official transcript or matric certificate:

  1. The Excellence in Law Scholarship
  2. The Abe Swersky Scholarship (for Law students going into 2nd year)

The Attorneys Fidelity Fund (AFF) also offers bursaries to students either entering the graduate LLB programme, with a Law undergraduate degree, or students going into their third year of a 4-year LLB. This bursary is available for a maximum of two years.  To apply, call the AFF directly on 021 424 4608 or email them for more information.  THE CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS FOR AFF BURSARIES IS 15 AUGUST EACH YEAR.


New Scholarship Opportunity at University of Aberdeen: please see this link to details of the David Carey Miller Scholarship, which covers overseas tuition fees to support one postgraduate student from Sub-Saharan Africa through a one-year full-time on-campus Taught Master of Laws degree programme (LLM) at the University of Aberdeen, starting in September 2019. The scholarship also offers limited travel costs.

NEW POSTGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY: Closing date 1st March 2019 - Chair in Intellectual Property Innovation & Development - opportunity for PhD and LLM students.  Application details available here.

See for latest details of application forms and processes for 2019 applications.