Harry Crossley Postgraduate Fellowships


Please read this document carefully
Applications are invited for award of a limited number of Fellowships, available to South African and South African permanent Resident students for full-time study in research-related degrees at the University of Cape Town.  The Fellowships will be granted on the basis of academic merit, to students proceeding to the Honours, Master’s and Doctoral degrees; and who will register in 2020 at the University of Cape Town for the first year of their intended degree. 

ELIGIBILITY - Individuals a r e    n o t    e l i g i b l e who will be employed for more than 20 hours per week in 2020; who will register for part-time courses, the 4th year of an undergraduate degree, the LLB, postgraduate certificates and postgraduate diplomas and who will register for degrees in disciplines in Religious Studies and Political Studies  

Academic Criteria:   A minimum of 70% aggregate (GPA) for the undergraduate or Honours degree is required in order for applicants to be academically eligible. This will need to be shown via certified copies of the Applicant’s academic transcripts.

Values and tenure:  
Honours Fellowships are valued at R95,000 per annum.    Tenure - Strictly one year
Master’s Fellowships are valued at R100,000 per annum.    Tenure – Two years -The award is available only for the 1st and 2nd years of registration for the Master’s degree.  The award is renewable for the second year of registration for the master’s degree on proof of satisfactory progress and availability of funds.  Renewal of the fellowship is not guaranteed.
Doctoral Fellowships are valued at R140,000 per annum.    Tenure – Three years - The award is available only for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of registration for the PhD degree.  The award is renewable for the second and third years of registration on proof of satisfactory progress and availability of funds.  Renewal of the fellowship is not guaranteed.

Application Procedure The following documents are required:
1.  The Harry Crossley Research Fellowship APPLICATION FORM, must be duly completed and signed. 
 The Application Form can be sourced from http://www.students.uct.ac.za/students/fees-funding/postgraduate-degree-funding/bursaries-scholarships/prestigious-fellowships  

2. A LETTER OF APPLICATION (Recommendation wording) All applicants must submit a letter of application. A special note to be included for Master’s and Doctoral applicants only is to include a statement to undertake as a condition of award, to plan and organise one or more seminar programme(s), per degree (only at Master’s and Doctoral degree levels), directly related to their line of study, to be held in the Seminar Room of the University of Cape Town’s Postgraduate Student Centre.  These will form part of the Harry Crossley Seminar Programme. Cross-disciplinary seminars can be arranged by more than one Fellowship-holder.  The seminars must add value to the study and area of the research of the students.  The letter of application must not be any longer than ONE A4 page. 

3. ACADEMIC TRANSCRIPTS (certified copies of the originals).  UCT graduates need to request the PGC&FO to source these from the system. The transcripts must show that the applicant has achieved the undergraduate or Honours degree with a minimum pass-mark (GPA) of 70%. Please do not attach certificates. Applicants with a GPA lower than 70% will NOT be considered.

4. CURRICULUM VITAE This document must be limited to ONE A4 page. 

5. ACADEMIC REFERENCES Letters of reference are required from TWO ACADEMICS who have taught/supervised the applicant at University must be submitted.  The PGC&FO will not source these on behalf of the applicant and applicants are responsible for ensuring that the references are sent directly to the PGC&FO.

6. ACCEPTANCE FOR STUDY BY ACADEMIC DEPARTMENT A document from the academic department indicating that the applicant has been accepted, is likely to be accepted, or provisionally accepted for study in 2020.

It is important to note that applications submitted without the required supporting documents as specified above will not be considered.

COMPLETE APPLICATION PACKAGES MUST BE EMAILED AS ONE PDF TO fellowships@uct.ac.za. Please use the following reference when emailing your electronic application: “Crossley Fellowship Application: Student name”
For enquiries please contact: 021 650 3622 OR email: pgfunding@uct.ac.za