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Student Funding Support

Faculty Funding Support for Law Students – what are the options?

The Faculty of Law invests significantly in raising donor support so that we are able, in turn, to support our students in as many ways as possible in addition to what is funded through the Faculty’s general operating budget.

Currently, the Faculty of Law offers the following:

  1. Scholarships

UCT Law Faculty offers a range of scholarships to undergraduate students, and those doing a graduate LLB.Since funding is limited, these scholarships are competitive, and are awarded based on academic performance. Each type of scholarship may have other criteria in addition to good academic performance.Calls for scholarship applications for the following year are made towards the end of each academic year, and these calls can be found on the Law Faculty website – so watch the website space.More information on these opportunities can be found at http://www.law.uct.ac.za/news/law-faculty-scholarship-and-funding-opportunities

Some additional information can be found at http://www.law.uct.ac.za/undergrad-law-scholarships

UCT Law Faculty also offers a number of postgraduate scholarships, with regular application cycles that can be found on the Faculty website at http://www.law.uct.ac.za/news/law-faculty-scholarship-and-funding-opportunities

  1. Printing Fund

Printing credits of up to R400 for students in need of financial support. You can access the print credits guidelines, process and application form here http://www.law.uct.ac.za/student-resources-support-admin-forms-exam-timetables.  Application forms are also available at the Faculty Finance Office (Room 4.11 | 4th Floor, Kramer).  

  1. Student Crisis Fund

This is a small fund designed to assist students in a crisis, from which grants of up to about R500 can be made for immediate needs.To apply for support, please email law-dean@uct.ac.za

  1. General Financial/ Fee Support

There are a number of funding options available to undergraduates through NSFAS and the UCT Financial Aid office, where such funding is also based on eligibility criteria.  More information on how to access this funding can be found at http://www.dsa.uct.ac.za/student-funding-administration/financial-assistance/overview  

For other funding requirements, students would need to apply to central University of Cape Town funds, such as the Student Travel Fund at http://www.students.uct.ac.za/students/fees-funding/postgraduate-degree-funding/bursaries-scholarships/travel. For more information, also look at the Department of Student Affairs site for more information at www.dsa.uct.ac.za/