African Yearbook of Rhetoric - Edition 10

6 Nov 2020 - 11:15

Edition 10 of The African Yearbook of Rhetoric is out!

This latest edition, titled At Your Own Risk: A Celebration of Rhetoric, includes ten articles from previous editions. The journal, including this latest edition, is available online

Writes Klaus Kotze, postdoctoral researcher at UCT Law's Centre for Rhetoric Studies and author of one of the 10 articles: "Together these articles represent the Yearbook’s ambitions as well as its achievements. AYOR which is also the acronym for At Your Own Risk, the title we chose for this edition, recognises the risk we took with this journal, and the risk we take in treating rhetoric as a critique of democracy. AYOR is a provocation of public affairs. It interrogates the rhetorical processes that shape democratic life."

Edited by Distinguished Professor Philippe-Joseph Salazar (Director of UCT Law's Centre for Rhetoric Studies, the African Yearbook of Rhetoric Studies - a multi-lingual peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted to the development of rhetoric studies on and in Africa - is compiled as the primary publication of the Faculty's Centre for Rhetoric Studies