Refugee Rights Project

Current Research


The Project is a member of the Centre for Legal and Applied Research (CLEAR). Utilising its daily work with refugees and asylum seekers, the project engages in academic research.

Current activities

Analysis of Domestic Refugee Legislation

Currently the Refugee Rights project is involved in a major three year research project, the "Domestic Refugee Law Project," in collaboration with three other universities (University of Oxford, York and Melbourne).

The Southern Refugee Legal Aid Network (SLRAN) of which the Project is a founding member, is a global refugee programme directed by Dr. Barbara Harrell-Bond. Within this programme is a project to produce rigorous critical legal reviews of domestic refugee legislation or the legal framework for refugee protection in all states of the Global South with such legislation or legal framework. The Project coordinators are Marina Sharpe, Melbourne, all African countries except Southern Africa Development Community countries, Fatima Khan, Cape Town, (SADC countries) and Martin Jones, York, Asian countries. Besides being one of the responsible coordinators of the SADC countries, Fatima Khan, the director of the Refugee Rights Project, will be the editor of the final SADC report.

The Project's objective is to produce Reviews that will highlight the gaps in and shortcomings of domestic refugee laws, in order to promote law reform and to provide the basis for domestic advocacy and litigation.

Rights specific legislation

The Project is further undertaking right specific research on the rights of refugees in South Africa, including the right to safety and security, access to courts, workplace rights, and the rights of migrant children.