Democratic Governance & Rights Unit

Current Projects

The Democratic Governance and Rights Unit (DGRU) has completed a number of important research projects:

  • a review of the NCOP (commissioned by Parliament)
  • a study of the judiciary in Zimbabwe
  • a discussion document on judicial independence in Southern and East Asia

Some of the DGRU's current projects are:

  • Appointments' Process for Constitutional Court Judges; advocating for a process that will deliver the best possible candidates.
  • Judicial Ethics - helping to find a consensus about the standards for judicial behaviour on and off the bench.
  • African Network of Constitutional Lawyers - the DGRU is the Secretariat for the Network.
  • Member of the Electricity Governance Initiative - conducting research on the governance, especially the transparency, of electricity policy in South Africa.
  • Research on the 'right of education', as a sub-contractor to the Institute for Democratisation in Southern Africa's 'right to know, right to education' project.
  • Research on the 'right' to mobility, in support of the New Mobility Initiative in Cape Town.