UCT Law Alumnus Lewis Pugh | The Long Swim

29 Aug 2018 - 10:15


Text from Lewis Pugh's website http://lewispugh.com/the-long-swim/  Find out all about why Lewis undertook this epic challenge - and the other extreme things he has done to highlight the urgency of protecting our oceans!

In 1875, Captain Matthew Webb became the first person to swim from Dover to Calais. Since then, some 1,800 people have swum across the English Channel. But no one has ever swum its entire length.

Until this summer.

During July and August 2018, I will attempt to swim the full length of the English Channel, from Land's End to Dover, in just my cap, goggles and Speedo swimming trunks.

The 560 km distance is equivalent to 16 English Channel crossings, and will take an estimated 50 days, depending on tides and weather.

I'm coming home for the swim of my life.

Follow @LewisPugh to track back and see how Lewis achieved swimming 560km along the English Channel in 50 days!

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