Scholarship Applications Open: The Abe Swersky Scholarship

12 Mar 2018 - 12:30

Abe Swersky Scholarship Application

The Abe Swersky Scholarship is awarded to a 2nd-year black South African law student enrolled in the 4-year LLB, who has completed a year of law courses and who does not have financial support for their studies.  The scholarship covers 75% academic fees for the remainder of the 4-year degree, provided all courses are passed. Applicants must have already shown drive, determination and a passion for the law while also demonstrating that they are community-minded and are interested in Family Law.  A good pass in Law of Persons and Family (RDL 1008/9H) is a requirement.

Interested applicants need to

  1. complete the form at this link
  2. attach a letter of motivation to your application setting out why you should be considered for this scholarship
  3. include your transcript
  4. mail your application to by Friday 23rd March 2018. 

No late or incomplete applications will be considered.