Paying it forward in the Law Faculty

19 Jul 2019 - 12:15

Mandela Day 2019 provided a celebratory focus point for members of the Law Faculty to develop gift bundles for new mothers at Mowbray Maternity Hospital, based in Mowbray in Cape Town.  New mothers often leave Mowbray Maternity with very little by way of supplies for their newborns, and so the staff in the Faculty's professional development unit - Law@Work - unit galvanised a Faculty-wide initiative to knit, bring, buy, or by any means provide goods for these mothers and their babies. 

It was a great success!  In exchange for a cup of soup and a bread roll, space was provided in the Faculty Common Room to bring items, to knit for an hour, to put packages together, and generally to participate in a great Mandela Day event.  This was a hugely productive way to spend #67minutes, and participate in an awesome team-building effort!

Pics and a rhyme (drafted by a Law@Work staffer) below! 

Mandela Day ditty

Thank you to everyone for doing your bit

For crocheting-for sewing-for the goodies you knit

Mandela Day spirit really filled the room

Stork bundles look amazing-we’ll deliver them soon

So until next year, let’s keep the spirit alive

Goodwill, generosity, you deserve a high five!