Let's Work Together to Save Water

27 Oct 2017 - 16:15

 THINK WATER | Care a little. Save a lot.

REMEMBER TO SAVE SAVE SAVE - every drop counts. 

We need to ensure we don't reach Day Zero.  Below is an indicator of how much water we use in various daily activities.  We have to keep well below the previous target of 87litres per person per day.  In addition to  working constantly to reduce our campus water use, UCT is hard at work developing a range of mechanisms for becoming ever more water-wise - news articles and information can be found here.

A few key rules:

  • if you spot a leak on any UCT campus, report it to 021 650 4321 or 4322
  • don't flush if you don't have to
  • be aware of every drop of water going down a drain - is it really unusable waste?