Law Faculty Scholarships 2018

26 Jan 2018 - 14:30

The Faculty of Law is pleased to invite applications for the following Scholarships:

Law Faculty Doctoral and Masters Scholarships 2018

Sir William Solomon Scholarships 2018

Wilfred Kramer Law Grants and Scholarships 2018

Law Endowment Postgraduate Scholarships

Ethel Walt Scholarship 2018

Basil and Con Corder Scholarship 2018

Faculty International Student Bursaries 2018

Scholarship Application Form 2018

UCT Law Scholarship Testimonial Template 2018


Should you wish to submit an application, please note:

  1. The documentation to be submitted must include a formal confirmation of the applicant’s GPA for all previous degree. Where a student has completed a previous qualification, at a different institution, or UCT, the applicant has the responsibility to source this information.
  2. Applications close on 15 FEBRUARY 2018. No late applications will be considered.
  3. The UCT Law Scholarships template must be submitted to your referees. The referees must email the completed form directly to Maurice Jacobs
  4. The outcome of applications will become known by 19 April 2018.



Kind Regards.


Maurice Jacobs

Faculty Liaison Officer

Faculty of Law

Telephone: (021) 650 5745