Kate O'Regan Intervarsity Moot Competition

30 Jul 2018 - 16:45

In light of the funeral of Professor Bongani Mayosi, the UCT Moot Society deferred its 2nd Kate O'Regan Intervarsity Moot Competition from Saturday 4th August to SATURDAY 1st SEPTEMBER.  The event starts at 9am at UCT Law School.  With Law students from a number of other universities, the day promises to be filled with seriously competitive mooting - with Justice Kate O'Regan presiding.  The UCT Moot Society has been hard at work putting everything in place for what will be a very rewarding day for competitors, law students, Faculty members and friends.

Events will kick off at 9am in the Oliver Tambo Moot Court on 5th Floor of the Kramer Law Building, UCT Middle Campus. Refreshments will be provided, and supporters of competitors are more than welcome to attend.

The event is sponsored by Africa Legal and Werksmans Attorneys.

The aim of the competition is to gather law students from a variety of law schools in the Western Cape including UWC, Fort Hare, and Stellenbosch to compete against each other in written heads of argument and oral argument. This competition is particularly exciting because it aims to encourage students to grapple with a legal topic outside of the core syllabus and for this year the topic is based on Competition Law.

This competition is especially unique because there is an additional element whereby students are required to attend skills training seminars hosted by the Cape Bar Society and organised by the UCT Moot Society.

The Justice Kate O'Regan Intervarsity Moot Competition is in line with the overarching purpose of the UCT Moot Society, which is to foster a culture of mooting in Kramer, encourage students to develop and perfect their skills within an inclusive and fun atmosphere.

1st SEPTEMBER 2018 09h00 - 15h00