Faculty Publications:

Faculty Publications

23 Jun 2017 - 18:00

Professor Rochelle Le Roux (below) is co-editor (together with Bob Hepple and Silvana Sciarra) of the book entitled “Laws Against Strikes: The South African Experience in an International and Comparative Perspective”.  South Africa’s and the broader international community’s difficulty with finding a balance between the rights of worker and the (reasonable) expectation of the employer, coupled with the politicization of the labour-movement, makes this book a notable addition. The launch of the book shared the stage with a tribute lecture dedicated to the late, internationally renowned labour lawyer, Professor Sir Bob Hepple, held on 16 August 2016

Professor Jan Glazewski  (below) co-edited a multi-disciplinary book (with Surina Esterhuyse) titled:  "Hydraulic Fracturing in the Karoo: Critical legal and environmental perspectives". As a multidisciplinary publication, the book explores a wide range of questions related to proposed hydraulic fracturing/”fracking” in the Karoo. The book’s underlying theme is one of caution, proposing a collaborative approach.  It was launched on 13 December 2016, with guest speaker Professor Cyril O’Connor, Chair of the Academy of Science of South Africa.

Associate Professor Mohamed Paleker (below) is co-author (together with Raubenbach, Jamneck, van der Linde and Wood-Boodley) of the 3rd edition of “The Law of Succession in South Africa” (speak more to the book)

Associate Professor Andrew Hutchison (below) (with Luca Siliquini-Cinelli) co-authored “The Constitutional Dimension of Contract Law: A Comparative Perspective”. The book considers the relationship between human rights policies, constitutional law, and the law of contract, from both theoretical and practical perspectives.