Book Launch: Jurisprudence in an African Context

29 Sep 2017 - 15:30

UCT Law Faculty members are invited to the book launch and panel discussion of the book Jurisprudence in an African Context, at which Judge Dennis Davis will be in conversation with Mr Khomotso Moshikaro (UCT), Dr Oritsegbubemi Oyowe (UWC) and Prof. Thaddeus Metz (UJ).

Jurisprudence in an African Context is devoted to the philosophy of law, in a way that engages earnestly with African thought and the African context. The text features primary texts by leading African intellectuals, putting these in crucial dialogue with Western theorist. It addresses core jurisprudence topics, such as the nature and functions of law, the manner in which judges do and should interpret the law, theories of distributive justice, and accounts of civil and criminal justice.