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The Law Students' Council (LSC) consists of nine UCT LLB students. Every year a new leadership of a diverse group of students are chosen to represent the Law Faculty.  What this new leadership represents is a coming together of different experiences of the Law faculty.  Our new LSC has refocused its leadership towards meeting  students’ needs as identified and directed by a student based mandate.

The LSC shares a new vision of being representative of the students’ voices.  This is achieved by acting as the bridge between staff and law students on both academic and extracurricular fronts. We strive to develop a faculty that is inclusive and fosters an environment of belonging. .

In achieving these aims, the LSC represents the student body in various aspects. Our members echo the student voice on the Faculty Board, Academic Planning Committee, Moots Committee, Community Service Committee, Health & Safety Board, Orientation Committee and Information Technology and Equipment Committee, to name a few.

The new culture that we aim to introduce is one where the LSC arms students with information to bridge the gap between students and faculty.  A new culture that aims to promote engaging with our surroundings and what we are taught.

Our Mission going forward into 2017 is:


to facilitate consistent and helpful dialogue between staff and students


to provide students with information with regards to what the LSC is doing and what faculty is doing


to create spaces where students can express their concerns


to cultivate a sense of genuine community within the Law Faculty


to elevate student-related issues to relevant faculty committees and to create new platforms conducive to hearing and tackling these issues


to meeting the academic and social needs of students


to build on the foundations laid by past Councils in order to realise long-term goals


to gain confidence from the student body as an integral part of academic and social life

Our Vision going forward, is to meet diverse student needs through healthy communication, effective representation and thoughtful leadership.



Jocelyn Lawrence

Vice-President External

Robin Van Wyk

Vice-President Internal

Nelisiwe Nhlapho


James Badenhorst


Sarah Donde

Transformation Officer

Naledi Ramoabi

Academic Chair

Jayson George

Media & Communications

Cindy Shabalala

Student Life

Zethu Albanie