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Black Law Student's Forum

The Black Law Students' Forum was formed in 1992. The goals of the organisation were to provide a voice for black students within the Faculty and set the transformation agenda. Black students, at that time, felt that the Law Faculty was an alienating environment in which to study. They faced issues of difficult access and a lack of academic support. In response to these issues the students recognized that the most effective manner in which to represent the needs of black students and realize their transformation goals was by joining together as a society.

The Black Law Students' Forum has, in recent years, grown to be an organization that aims to empower young minds and to be a gateway to social consciousness. This objective is achieved through the projects that are run throughout the year, e.g. the prison tour or the Feed and Teach programme that is currently underway. These projects give students a chance to interact with a different sector of society that is outside of their own. BLSF prides itself in being an organization not driven by political ideologies, but rather by a need to address certain academic challenges that exist within the faculty.