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The following are regular publications and activities of the Faculty and its research units. For more information about the publications of individual academic staff members, see the Faculty's Research Report.

Acta Juridica, the journal of the Faculty of Law, has appeared annually since 1958 and is the successor to Butterworths South African Law Review (1954-1957). Professor Jan Glazewski is the General Editor.

The Law Race and Gender Unit publish a work in progress series called Issues in Law, Race & Gender and convenes a popular seminar series under the auspices of its Rural Women's Action Research Project.

The Institute of Development and Labour Law continues to publish its monograph series which commenced in 1993. The General Editors are Prof Evance Kalula, Ms Debbie Collier, A/Prof Rochelle le Roux and Mr Randall van Voore. For details of monographs published visit the IDLL's website