Marikana Discussion at UCT 11 September 2012
What have we done
Full discussion (23.0 mb)

Judge Dennis Davis - 15 July 2010
Speaking at a UCT law alumni function in Harare, Zimbabwe
Re-conceiving the doctrine of the separation of powers
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The FIFA footprint - what will be the World Cup's governance Legacy? - 20 May 2010
A seminar hosted by the Democratic Governance and Rights Unit (DGRU) and facilitated by director Prof Richard Calland

Chris Oxtoby (research associate DGRU) and Sophie Nakueira (PhD candidate, Centre for Criminology)
Lecture (10.7 mb)

Prof Ian Glen (director, Film & Media Studies) and Dr Collette Schulz Hertzenberg (senior researcher, ISS)
Lecture (11.7 mb)

FIFA footprint discussion (10.7 mb)

Prof Jeffrey Jowell - 17 February 2010
Rabinowitz Visitor in the Faculty of Law; introduced by dean, Prof PJ Schwikkard
The rule of law and the power to prosecute
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Prof Anton Fagan - 24 November 2009
The secondary role of the spirit, purport & objects of the Bill of Rights in the Common Law's development
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Prof Alan Rycroft - 30 September 2009
The Problem of Process Pluralism: Why are We Resolving Our Disputes So Badly?
Inaugural lecture
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