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Moot Court Specifications and Rental

About Law

The Moot Court is available for rental for external events, dependant on internal demands and availability.  Please contact the Faculty's Marketing Office for further information on hiring this fantastic seminar and moot space. 

The Moot Court seats a total of 57 people: 3 Judges on the bench; 2 Registrars; 2 Recorders; 12 at Counsel's bar; a witness/presenter's stand; and 37 in the gallery.

The Court is equipped with built-in audio-visual recording and playback facilities. Student presentations may be filmed, ensuring that students can watch and assess their Moot Court performances to enhance the learning value of the Moot experience. The Court houses video-conferencing equipment for fully interactive sessions. Students could participate remotely in Moot competitions with students elsewhere in the world. 

All equipment is designed to cater for the needs of both the University and members of the legal profession who are invited to make use of the Court for arbitration, mediation or even specialist court hearings. Bringing dispute resolution into the Law Faculty better serves both the profession and the Law Faculty's teaching.

The Moot Court is equipped with the following equipment:

  • Auto-reverse audio-record and playback with built in microphones on the Judges' bench, Registrars' table and Counsels' bar.

  • Video-record and playback. Two video cameras provide complete coverage of the activities within the Moot Court and are remote operated from a central touch control at the recorder's table.

  • Video conference. Two cameras provide complete coverage of the activities within the Moot Court. The video conferencing equipment has a 512 kb/sec 4 x ISDN line capability. Unfortunately the Moot Court is not able to provide video based conferences via IP at this stage.

  • Computer-based presentations. The computer has network and internet access. Using a wireless keyboard, data may be projected via a ceiling-mounted data-projector to the automated drop-down screen. 

  • Internet/network access and power outlets for notebook computers under the Judges' bench (2 points) and Counsels' bar (6 connection points). The Moot Court is able to provide network connectivity into the UCT wifi network. 

Catering facilities

The venue includes the use of a small adjacent kitchen for light refreshments which may be served in the Moot Court in a manner that does not damage the table surfaces.