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Director: G.Y. Kemp, BA LLB, Cape Town, Attorney of the High Court

The School for Legal Practice, established in 1992, is a joint project of the Law Society of South Africa and the Law Faculties of the Universities of Cape Town, Western Cape and Stellenbosch. The object of the School is to provide law graduates with applied skills in legal practice, thereby also improving access to the legal profession.

Two intensive full-time programmes are offered each year. The first commences in mid-January and runs to the end of the June, and the second from early July to early December. A Night School is also offered which runs from late January to the end of July.

Candidates at the School register as UCT students for the semester coursed DOL5600F  or S Legal Practice, and may elect either to follow that course alone or to complete a minor dissertation as well, in order to complete the requirements for a Postgraduate Diploma in Law in Legal Practice. A further option is for candidates who have completed DOL5600F or S to apply for admission to LLM studies, which will entail the completion of an additional one and a half courses and a 25,000-word minor dissertation.

Attendance at the School may be credited towards the period required for the successful completion of Articles of Clerkship for the purposes of admission as an attorney.