Key Contacts

International Exchange Contacts

There are a number of key staff members which you may wish to contact prior to or during your studies at the Faculty of Law. These staff members are either situated in UCT's International Academic Programmes Office (IAPO) or the Faculty of Law, for international students registered in the Law Faculty.

The key staff members and their contact details - related to international exchange and internationalisation - in both IAPO and the Law Faculty are set out below:

International Academic Partnerships Office

IAPO's role is to facilitate and promote all facets of internationalisation at UCT. It aims to be the first port of call for all international students and provides a wide range of services including general enquiries from prospective students, advice on the safety of the area you wish to stay in, the appropriateness of working while in South Africa, application for study permits and general advice about your stay at UCT. IAPO seeks to complement the services provided by other faculties and departments and has strong relations with service providers within and outside UCT. If you are an incoming foreign exchange or semester abroad student you will need to be in touch with IAPO before you arrive.

Tel: +27 21 650 2822 / 3740

Faculty of Law

If you wish to enter into an agreement (collaborative or exchange related) with the Faculty of Law or if you are an international student wanting to study law at UCT, you may need to contact the following people:

Dean's Office

You may need to contact the members of this Office should you need the Dean's or Deputy Dean's signature or approval for anything.

Dean: Professor Danwood Chirwa
Tel: +27 +21 650 2705/6

Executive Assistant to the Dean: Ms Faiza Mohamed
Tel: +27 +21 650 2705/6

Deputy Dean: Undergraduate Studies: Dr Kathy Idensohn
Tel: +27 +21 650 5072

Deputy Dean: Postgraduate Studies: Associate Professor Lee-Ann Tong
Tel: +27 +21 650 3776

Internationalisation & Exchange Portfolio

You may wish to contact the Director: Internationlisation, who manages the Faculty of Law's internationalisation and exchange portfolio with any academic queries about internationalisation and staff and student exchange (incoming and outgoing).

Director: Internationalisation - Associate Professor Waheeda Amien
Tel: +27 +21 650 5995

Faculty Office

You should contact the members of the Faculty Office if you have any administrative queries regarding your studies or exchange administration, including: applications; registration; timetables; deadlines; dissertations; graduation; and funding.

Faculty Manager: Academic Administration: Ms Tabile Loqo
Tel: +27 +21 650 3086

Administrative Assistant: Maurice Jacobs (queries from outgoing exchange students)
Tel: +27 +21 650 5745

Programme Convenors

A convenor has been appointed to oversee each of the specialist postgraduate programmes. You should contact the appropriate programme convenor should you have any questions regarding the structure and content of these programmes or their constituent courses.  See the Law Faculty Handbook for details.