International Exchange

Exchange Agreements

Agreements of this nature, concluded and administered by the Law Faculty, can provide for both staff and/or student exchange. They generally contain detailed provisions governing the nature of the exchange (staff/student), duration of the exchange (semester/full year), number of staff/students subject to the exchange, selection and admission requirements, financial arrangements (including the possibility of reciprocal fee-waiver arrangements, scholarships and teaching stipends), accommodation arrangements, insurance and visa requirements. You can download a pro-forma example of such an agreement here.

The Faculty of Law has concluded Staff/Student Exchange Agreements with the Law Faculties/Law Schools at the following Universities:

  • Aberdeen University
  • Bucerius Law School
  • Cornell University
  • EBS University
  • Humbolt University of Berlin
  • Melbourne University
  • Queens University
  • Radboud University Nijmegen
  • Tilburg University
  • University of Maryland