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Training and materials for staff and students

Staff training

The Law Faculty provides staff with in-house training on software and applications used in the UCT environment. Training courses are based on staff demand, and student administration and learning requirements. Topics range from basic training on software such as Microsoft Word and Powerpoint to "Email at UCT" and "Using the Internet Effectively". Topics also include "Website Design Fundamentals" and "Using UCT's Content Management System".

If you have any requests or would like a specific course to be setup, please contact ICTS to see what can be arranged.

Student training

Student computer literacy is a priority within the Law Faculty, which has had a Student Computer Literacy Project since 2006 which has been run as part of the annual first-year Orientation Programme. Criteria for the computer literacy project are that all 1st year students be required to do an assessment of their computer skills. On completion of the assessment, detailed results are generated and fed back to the Faculty. Based on these results, students who were identified as weak in any of the topics covered in the assessment are required to attend training provided by ICTS and CILT.

Additional Support Structures

Assistance & Training available in the Law Library

The Law Lab Administrator is available both to administer the labs in the Library, as well as to provide students with assistance on basic computer queries - ranging from basic troubleshooting i.e. Microsoft Word problems, to laptop issues and anti-virus advice. Only when issues cannot be resolved within the library, will they be escalated to ICTS. The Librarians also provide database training and one-on-one training specifically on reference queries.

Law Student Guidebook to Computing

Student support is provided by ICTS and the Law Library. The student guidebook, available in the Law Library, was developed by ICTS and is revised and updated annually.