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Law students - Did You Know?

  1. As a Law student at UCT, you have a Law Students’ Council elected to represent you and your interests.  If there are law activities you would like to get involved in or if you have concerns you feel are not being addressed, speak to your representatives.  
  2. Got questions? There is help and support available to you – just ask! UCT Law runs the #LawCares initiative, where you can send any question to lawcares@uct.ac.za. You can also approach your Law Students’ Council, or your first-year mentor, or the Faculty Office (4th Floor, Kramer Building) – that’s just for starters! We are here to assist.
  3. The UCT Law Faculty website holds loads of useful information, tips, and contact details – so look there too for information. Don’t forget, though – if you can’t find the information, ask someone!
  4. UCT has a whole section of its site dedicated to student services. Take your time, browse around, check for opportunities and deadlines, and stay informed!
  5. You really should read Studying at University: A guide for first-year students - an awesome guide to being a first-year student at UCT.
  6. UCT students are assigned an official UCT student email address - and it is your job to ensure that you keep checking for communications, to ensure you don’t miss vital information.
  7. There are numerous skills-development opportunities through workshops which provide both academic and non-academic support, covering topics like writing skills, stress and financial management, and exam preparation. Once registered, students will be able to refer to the online learning system, Vula, for more information about these workshops, and to access further electronic resources.
  8. Asking questions - and making the most of the opportunities and resources available to you as a UCT student - are habits that will stand you in good stead throughout your student years. Find out what resources are available – and USE them!  And if you don’t know, ASK SOMEONE!  You won’t be the only one who needs answers!
  9. UCT has a range of emergency hotlines including the following:

But that's not all!

  • As a first-year student doing your LLB, you will be in class with a range of students at different levels of study.  Some of your courses will be with students who have already completed their undergraduate degree in Humanities or Commerce, and will be Graduate LLB students doing their law courses. Make the most of having older, more experienced students in your class – ask them questions, get their advice!
  • The Dean of the UCT Faculty of Law is Professor Danwood Chirwa.
  • The Deputy Dean for Undergraduate Studies is Associate Professor Kathy Idensohn
  • There are two law clinics associated with the UCT Law Faculty, where Law students are able to do their community service. There is the UCT Law Clinic and the Refugee Rights Clinic, situated on 3rd Floor, Kramer Law Building. These clinics, both registered law practices, provide an invaluable service to people needing legal advice.
  • The UCT Faculty of Law is the oldest Law school in South Africa, and turned 160 years old on 16 April 2019. 
  • UCT’s Law students run their own magazine, Altum Sonatur. In 2016 and 2017, the Altum Sonatur committee was awarded UCT’s Student Leadership award for best student media. The magazine is published a few times a year. Keep your eyes open through the year – you will see issues available around the Kramer Building (and they will make a call for the magazine's committee so you can get involved).
  • UCT standard class times are as follows:

1          08:00 - 08:45                           Meridian         13:00 - 13:45

2          09:00 - 09:45                           6                      14:00 - 14:45

3          10:00 - 10:45                           7                      15:00 - 15:45

4          11:00 - 11:45                           8                      16:00 - 16:45

5          12:00 - 12:45                           9                      17:00 - 17:45