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History of the Law Endowment Fund

The Faculty celebrated 150 years of the teaching of Law in South Africa in 2009.  In recognition of this fantastic milesone, a fundraising campaign - under the banner of Sustainable Justice - was initiated by the then Dean, Professor Hugh Corder. 

Why Sustainable Justice? ‘Sustainability will depend crucially on the production of knowledgeable, articulate, skilled and critically-minded graduates at LLB and LLM level, ready to play an influential role in this country and further afield,’ said Corder. ‘Without such potential leaders of the legal profession, the rule of law is set to lose its place at the centre of the enterprise, to the detriment of all concerned. So the primary objective of the Faculty remains its core business of teaching and research, but with a clear awareness of the social and global context in which such graduates will find their place.‘

And so the Law150 Endowment Fund was established.  The aim was to raise at least R25 million such that the annual income could assist the Faculty in the Law150 objectives. The fund and its use is monitored and guided by an external Advisory Board.  The original board comprised esteemed members such as Judges O’Regan and van Heerden, and Ezra Davids (Bowman Gilfillan) and Joel Baepi (Old Mutual).  

Now that the Faculty is celebrating 160 years of excellence, the new Dean - Professor Danwood Chirwa - will be taking the Fund forward under the name Excellence in Law, as a reflection of UCT Law's proud 160-year history, and as a nod to the excellence we will continue to strive for in our degree programmes, our teaching, our research and in our ongoing contribution to the formulation of law in South Africa, and to vigorous public debate on many contentious legal matters For long-term "Law 150" donors, these changes simply mean that your support will now be reflected as contributions to Excellence in Law, instead of "Law 150".

The Endowment Fund is proud to have supported more than 60 LLB students, many LLM students, a number of PhD candidates - along with ad hoc fee support and other kinds of support for students in the Faculty.

The Faculty will continue to attract funding support into the Endowment Fund - and expresses its enormous gratitude to all of you who have supported us in our endeavour to provide scholarship funding for students who might otherwise not have pursued a Law degree at UCT.  If you would like to support this endeavour, please contact our Faculty Development and Marketing office on 021 650 5602.