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Law Alumni Reunion December 2018

We are really looking forward to our 2018 annual gathering of alumni, classmates, colleagues and friends.

Diarise the weekend of 7th - 8th December!  Come and join our celebration of the Faculty of Law, and each other as law friends and colleagues!

This is a big year for many of you who will be celebrating your 60th, your 50th, your 40th, your 30th or your 20th!  We would love for you all to join us! If you would like to know if others in your class will be attending, please let me know and I can follow up with them directly.

And if any of you are willing to be a Class Champion for your year, to encourage others to join us, please contact Gaby Ritchie on gaby.ritchie@uct.ac.za.

The DRAFT PROGRAMME is available here.