Celebrating Law 150
Africa is in the hands of its people, say Nigerian legal luminary The human factor, more specifically corruption perpetrated by people, is to blame for Africa's failure to prosper, despite rapid economic growth on the continent.
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Thursday, 24 April 2014

On 25th February 2014, Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Chief Richard Akinjide presented a guest lecture titled “Currency and Power are Synonymous” in which he gave an overview of Africa’s current challenges in the light of current global interest in the continent. The speech followed a historical trajectory of the continent’s contribution to human development ranging from early agrarian advancements like the domestication of cattle to early technological developments such as the excavation of copper for metal work.

Law Review 2013 includes Mandela the lawyer, In Memoriam: Justice Langa, a dozen new book titles, a celebration of Youth in Africa and more