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Faculty Office Team

The Law Faculty Office is headed up by Tabile Loqo, the Faculty Manager.  Her team comprises Patricia Phillips and Clare Richfield who make up the School for Advanced Legal Studies administration team; Kelly van der Vent who is the Undergraduate Manager.  In addition, the Faculty Office team includes Maurice Jacobs, Faculty Liaison Officer, and Monique Kerspray, Faculty Office Reception

Together, the Faculty Office team provides the academic administration for all of UCT's Law programmes.  The team administers applications to UCT to study Law; manages the process of offering places to prospective students to study at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels; oversees the registration of all students along with any course changes; provides information and support with regard to who to speak to about particular academic and related issues in the Faculty; and generally provide administrative support for the academic endeavour with regard to students. 

The Faculty Office team works closely with the Dean of Law and the Deputy Deans for Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes, as well as with the UCT Registrar's Office, Student Records, Student Recruitment and Student Admissions.