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Excellence in Law

Funding support from a range of donors is critical to the UCT Faculty of Law's sustainability - and is essential to ensuring that we can continue developing our programmes to maintain and further pursue excellence in Law.  The Faculty is very proud to have a strong core of long-term supporters, donors and friends - without whose support we would not be able to hold our current international status, nor continue producing the quality of research and graduates for which the UCT Faculty of Law is renowned. 

Fundraising for Success at UCT Law

One of the most important socio-economic rights in the Constitution is access to education.   At universities across South Africa, this right is being hampered by many factors, including the cost of university education.    

The UCT Law Faculty has, for just over a decade now, run an endowment fund to ensure that we are able to provide scholarships to students who are academically excellent but who might not otherwise be able to afford the cost of studying towards a law degree. The Faculty's Excellence in Law initiative serves to continue building on this decade of success in supporting students to complete undergraduate or postgraduate qualifications in Law.

Addressing the key issues around access to university education, as well as the critical need to attract black South Africans to the study of Law, the Excellence in Law endowment will continue to serve the Faculty well into the future - thanks to the support of our numerous friends and supporters.

In line with UCT's goal of ensuring that every student who qualifies for admission to UCT Law is not denied access because of lack of funds, the Law Faculty’s plan is to significantly increase the number of available scholarships to students in need of financial support.  We hope you will join us in energising the future of legal education and the legal profession in South Africa!

Wondering how you can contribute? 

There are many ways that Alumni, Faculty and Friends can support the Faculty’s campaign to build, improve and drive the continued excellence in all that the Faculty offers.  Contributions can be made to the Excellence in Law endowment by donating directly to UCT through:

  • using the online donation site
  • completing a pledge form (we can mail one to you!)
  • a debit order facility
  • or by EFT

Contact Cindy De Oliveira in the Development & Alumni Department on cindy.deoliveira@uct.ac.za, or Gaby Ritchie in the Law Faculty's Development & Marketing Office on gaby.ritchie@uct.ac.za

We look forward to hearing from you.