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Home > Undergrad Info > Exam Timetable June-July 2020

Exam Timetable June-July 2020

Herewith the final LLB mid-year exams and tests timetable

Please read this information carefully. 

The final June/July 2020 LLB test and exam timetable is here.

Please note: The only changes from the draft sent to all LLB students on 4 June are:

1.The start times for Criminal Law, Administrative Law and Environmental Law have been moved to earlier in the day; and

2. PVL1007F (the 5-year extended LLB version of SysCon) has been included in this final timetable.


Please also take note of the following: 

  • This timetable is the final timetable for all LLB courses
  • It replaces and overrides all  provisional timetables previously released by the Faculty and by the Exams Office
  • It also replaces and overrides anything that may be reflected on your online exams website timetables
  • It is therefore the only version of the final LLB test and exam timetable that you should refer to for your LLB courses.  
  • You should only follow your online exam timetable for your non-law courses; but for your LLB courses this is the correct timetable.

If you look at your online  timetable from 11 June 2020 onwards you will see that  it will not refer to any LLB courses.  This is no reason for concern. It is simply because the Faculty prepared this timetable and not the Exams Office. 

For your LLB courses, the timetable provided at the link above is the final and correct timetable.  Your online exam timetable is only correct for non-law courses.

If you have any query regarding the assessment for a particular course, please direct it to the course convenor concerned.

Dr Kathy Idensohn

Deputy Dean | Undergraduate

Faculty of Law

10 June 2020