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About Internationalisation

Achieving the University’s mission is dependent on acknowledging that a characteristic of excellent higher education anywhere in the world is maintaining global relevance. This requires active engagement on the part of the university, along with a recognition of our location in Africa. This is highlighted in UCT’s Policy on Internationalisation,

UCT strongly supports internationalisation as an essential element of quality higher education and research and sees international staff and student mobility agreements as an important element of the University’s internationalisation strategy. Through staff and student exchanges, and research and teaching collaborations, we facilitate the development of an international outlook and practice. At the University level, internationalisation is coordinated through the International Academic Programmes Office.

The Law Faculty Internationalisation and Outreach Committee

Internationalisation is also managed and driven at Faculty level - and the Faculty of Law recognises the strength of its international and regional networks as one significant factor contributing to our rating within the top 150 Law Schools in the world. These international and regional links take the form of several formal Faculty Student/Staff Exchange Agreements and Academic Collaborative Agreements concluded with Universities from (predominantly Africa0, North America and Europe. These are complemented by lively less-formal networks and research collaborations driven by individual research groupings and academics within the Faculty of Law. The Faculty significantly values the role of these initiatives in diversifying and enriching the experience and understanding of all involved. At the Faculty level, internationalisation initiatives are coordinated by the Law Faculty's Internationalisation and Outreach Committee, under the direction of Associate Professor Fatima Khan.

For further information, please contact Patricia Phillips.

Information is also available on Collaboration Agreements held with other university Law schools, as well as academic and student exchange opportunities.